MIST, "Ascendant Cloud" Show at Kolly Gallery Zurich

Kolly Gallery presented a solo-show for graffiti artist MIST last Thursday, October 27. Below you’ll get a brief insight of MIST’s thought-process as we had the chance to ask him some questions about it. If you haven’t been, it’s nice to stop-by and see some art this week. Read on.

Interview by Mark Changco.
Artworks by MIST.
Show photos provided by Kolly Gallery.

  • 04-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 04-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 05-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 05-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 06-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 06-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 07-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 07-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
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  • 10-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 10-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 11-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 11-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 12-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 12-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 13-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 13-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 14-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 14-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
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  • 17-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 17-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 18-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 18-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 19-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 19-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 20-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 20-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 21-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 21-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 22-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 22-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 23-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 23-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 01-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 01-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 02-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 02-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective
  • 03-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective 03-mist-ascendant-cloud-kolly-gallery-doze-collective

Tell us about the title of your show, “Ascendant Cloud”. What is it about?

MIST: The title ascendant cloud was developed while working. Showing my pieces at the walls of Kolly Gallery feels like being in a cloud. Also I like the feeling that while I am working, I am in a cloud. This means I am no longer so firmly attached to the earth, but much more in the sky or the clouds. Also this is why many titles of the pieces are extra-terrestrial.

The show in general is about taking a step out of your comfort zone as an artist and beginning to experiment with other colors and concepts. Also for me it is very important to work on my artistic technique to improve my style and work.

What’s new to this show compared to the previous ones?

MIST: As already mentioned in this exhibition I tried to play with other colors – even black and white – and other concepts to work. Its always nice to experience new things and learn from them. Also, as an artist it is fundamental to try to invent yourself at some point and reflect critically on your previous work.

What is your favorite piece in this show? Why?

MIST: My favorite group of pieces of this exhibition are the black and white series. I really like them because they are the base of all my work. In fact, they symbolize the drafts for the pieces I produce on canvas but also for the sculptures I am producing. In this series, I feel really the essence of my artistic work!

“Ascendant Cloud” opened October 27, 2016 and will run until November 19, 2016. For more information about the show, email: tania@kollygallery.com

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