Our History

DOZE was originally conceived to be a brand that will cater to creative types. In an effort to be identified as such, we started to interview upcoming artists with impressive ideas behind their works. We loved learning about their creative process and sharing it with the world so much that we started concentrating more with these features rather than our “brand”.

The founders of DOZE, Mark Changco and me (Crist Espiritu) are both artists as well; this is perhaps the reason why sharing artists’ concepts with others appealed so much to us. Because of these development, DOZE has organically mutated into an online platform for promoting creativity. Right now, we share with the world the stories of creative individuals who are perpetually pushing forward with their visions. By doing this we aim to provoke critical thinking amongst the young and inspire them to pursue their own dreams.

We are living in one of the most chaotic, exciting and significant era in human history. Think of DOZE as your front row seat to the unravelling of new ideas and progressive concepts as delivered by gifted individuals braving the fronts of this creative revolution.