Moneyless, "Transparency" Solo Show at Soze Gallery Los Angeles

“Transparency” is Teo “Moneyless” Pirisi’s third solo show in Los Angeles. The show delights a variety of art forms: paintings, wood block prints and a couple of iron sculptures — that Moneyless had the pleasure of showing it to us first.

Moneyless, is in love with nature. During his stay here in LA, he seized the opportunity — with perfect California weather — to scout the local hiking spots that may seem fit for one of his installations. We’ve decided to put it up on one of San Fernando Valley’s mountains. There, a successful work of art floating around like a gem complimenting it’s surroundings, has been installed.

Moneyless, unlike many other, likes change. There was an interview we did back several years ago — that you can read here — where he talked about his process, nature and change. In the previous year, he has undergone quite a style transition. If you follow him on social media, you’ll see how he has pushed his work even more to come up with something new. He has deconstructed his previous style, of repeated shapes composed in perfect symmetry that one might say close to a spirograph, that led into what we are about to see in the show — broken down curves, layer after layer, that seemed to take inspiration from the shadows of his sculptures. If you’re attending the show: Pick up your phone, turn the flashlight on and point it at the sculpture in various angles. There you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Interview and photos by Mark Changco.
Art by Moneyless.

How are you? Last time you had a show here in Los Angeles was about 4 or 5 years ago? What have you been up to?

Hi! I’m fine thanks! 5 years ago was my first show at Soze. I did another one 2014 this is my third and I’m proud to be here still!

Recently you’ve changed your style, moving from repetitive circular movements to a more colorful play of shapes, that must have been quite a decision. Why did you do it? What inspired you to change?

In those years, I always tried to move forward. I don’t like to close my art into a single style. I love to change because life changes; everything changes. And why I have to close myself into a single aesthetic? My main inspiration is nature and this is what influenced my art. Traveling and see new things helped me to find new ways of working.

Also, you stopped making installations outdoors? Why? And, why do you feel the need to do it again?

I feel for years the need to be more focused on painting so I stopped working with the installations. But after a month of residency in Indonesia, I get inspired again to come back to my first love.

Tell me about your show this Saturday at Soze Gallery. What is Transparency? What do you have for the people who will be attending the show?

Transparency is a game of shadow and light levels and illusions. I’ll be presenting my iron sculptures for the first time.

What will be your favorite piece at the show? Why?

My favorite are the sculptures. It’s something poetic and delicate but strong and nasty at the same time it’s a creator of effects.

“I always tried to move forward. I don’t like to close my art into a single style. I love to change because life changes; everything changes.”

“Transparency” will have an opening reception on Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 6-9PM. And the show will run ’til the 9th of September.

To find out more about available works contact:

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+1 (212) 244-7415

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