Jason Woodside, “Strike Me With Your Lightning” Show at StolenSpace Gallery London

New York based artist Jason Woodside will be opening his show with StolenSpace Gallery titled “Strike Me With Your Lightning”. He explained briefly with us, what this show is about and what to expect. Read on.

Interview by Mark Changco.
Artworks by Jason Woodside.
Show photos provided by StolenSpace Gallery.

Tell us something about the title of the show, ‘Strike Me With Your Lightning’. What is it about?

Jason: Strike me with your lightning is related to my inspiration, which often comes to me in pulses of energy. Sometimes pretty heavy and always slightly different. For me, the show is about identifying this sudden energy, how it moves through me and the process of translating it through the work.

What’s the difference between this show compared to the previous ones?

Jason: I was listening to different music than usual while producing work for the show, which I think influenced the end result. Creating a new body of work can be daunting, and music helps me take the focus off anything negative or stressful, allowing me to hone in on creating work in a positive headspace. For my last show I was listening to loads of The Smiths—probably not the most positive, but for me it’s very nostalgic and productive. For this show at Stolen Space I was listening to a lot of 60’s psychedelic garage stuff while working. ‘Strike me with your lightning’ is named after a song by ‘The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band’.

What will be your personal favorite piece from the show? Why?

Jason: I think I like them all equally and as a whole.. I feel all the pieces need each other and work together to create the collective emotion, which is positivity.

“Strike Me With Your Lightning” will be opening tonight November 4, 2016 and will run until November 27, 2016. To find out more about available works contact: lauren@stolenspace.com

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