LAND, "Swamp of Time" Show at New Image Art Gallery Los Angeles

New Image Art Gallery recently opened “Swamp of Time”, the latest exhibition from LAND. A collaboration between American artists and designers, Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes. LAND explores typography, iconography, and arrangement of materials. We had the chance to ask the duo a few questions about the process behind their latest series of artworks.

Interview by Crist Espiritu.
Artworks by LAND.
Show photos provided by New Image Art Gallery.

  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-01 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-01
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-02 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-02
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-03 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-03
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-04 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-04
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-05 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-05
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-06 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-06
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-07 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-07
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-08 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-08
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-09 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-09
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-10 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-10
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-11 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-11
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-12 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-12
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-13 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-13
  • swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-14 swamp-of-time-work-by-land-new-image-art-doze-14

For this show you utilized found objects as your canvases. How important is using existing surfaces as opposed to plain canvases in your process?

LAND: We always seek out found materials that feel beautiful to us for one reason or another. It’s extremely important. The history, character, smell, texture… they are beautiful in their own right. We try to respect that character so that it’s not lost in the end.

When searching for surfaces do you have a specific vision of the finished artwork in mind? Or does the property of the found object dictates the outcome?

LAND: The found object will dictate the art. The surface, size, shape, and color lends itself to a certain composition. How we mix materials together will also drive the finished piece. Bonding those materials together is a big part of the process as well, i.e., sewing, chainstitching, welding, nailing, painting, etc.

What piece from this show are you guys most excited about? Why?

LAND: That’s a tough call. We had some favorites before the installation, and that changes after seeing it all living together in a space outside of our studio. We’re more excited about the pieces in this show becoming more sculptural than past exhibits. How the objects drape, how they lean, and even float. They have become more 3 dimensional and interact with the space more than ever. The character of the New Image Art gallery space works really well with the pieces and we couldn’t be happier.

“Swamp of Time” opened June 11, 2016 and will run until July 9, 2016. For more information about the show, email:

New Image Art Gallery
7920 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 654-2192