"Freedom as Form", A Group Show by BR1, Alexis Diaz, Eron, and Faith47 at Wunderkammern Gallery Milan

Wunderkammern will be opening “Freedom as Form”, the first group show on their new Milan venue which will showcase the latest artworks from  BR1 (Italy), Alexis Diaz (Puerto Rico), Eron (Italy) and  Faith47 (South Africa).  While these artists are quite busy preparing for the show, we got lucky and had the opportunity to ask Alexis Diaz and Faith47 a few questions.

Interview by Crist Espiritu.
Artworks by Faith47 and Alexis Diaz.

What is “Freedom as Form” for Faith47?

Faith47: I’ve related the concept to ‘7.83Mz’, which is a body of work that I’m exploring referring to the schema resonance, which is the frequency resonated by the planet.

The ethos is a personal exploration into our humanity, sensitivity, empathy, raw intimacy and relatedness to each other. It is an ongoing body of work that explores the duality of our human nature, our immense capability for compassion as well as cruelty.

This title ‘Freedom as Form’ for me opened a door to express sexuality and sensuality in an uncensored manner. Striking to the core of the most personal touch and relatedness between each other.

Can you elaborate to us your take on “Freedom as Form”?

Alexis Diaz: My concept is inspired by different elements that to me represent or inspire freedom. They are related to my perception of freedom or the potential restrictions it has. How the individual perceives freedom is particularly interesting to me. Freedom is to have a choice, and not having fear to make decisions and take risks. It means not having boundaries or limits.

Will there be a collaborative piece for the show?

Alexis Diaz: I’m not working on a collaborative piece for Freedom as Form at Wunderkammern, but I’ve collaborated with Faith47 in the past. We did a piece in Miami that represented sexuality and symbols related to it.

What is your favorite piece in the show? Why?

Faith47: I would have to mention these two below for different reasons…

The “la salpietriere school VI”. For its unapologetic representation of the most intimate of moments and told from a feminine perspective.

And the “la salpietriere school III” for its symbolic beckoning to the heart.

Alexis Diaz: My favourite piece I would say is the tree with the snake reaching for the apple since it represents the first representation of liberty. The freedom to choose. The freedom to take risks and to break boundaries.

“Freedom as Form” will open June 29, 2016, 7-10 PM and runs until August 10, 2016. For more information about the show, email: hallo@diekunstagentin.de

Wunderkammern Gallery Milan
Via Ausonio 1A,
20123 Milan

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