GRIS 1, "Interview" A Solo Show at Kolly Gallery Zurich

Last week, Gris1 opened his show titled “Interview” at Kolly Gallery. I had the chance to interview Kolly Gallery’s Tania di Brita to give us a sense of Gris1’s show for some of us who missed it. Enjoy images from the show below.

Interview by Mark Changco.
Artworks by Gris1.
Show Photos by Kolly Gallery.

  • 01-gris1-kolly-gallery-show-interview-doze-collective 01-gris1-kolly-gallery-show-interview-doze-collective
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  • 17-gris1-kolly-gallery-show-interview-doze-collective 17-gris1-kolly-gallery-show-interview-doze-collective

Tell us a bit about Gris1’s show. Why is it called “Interview?”

Tania: The exhibition of Gris1 has a particular concept, which is why the exhibition is called Interview. Every artwork carries a question instead of a title. The answer will then be represented by the artwork itself.

The most significant difference is, that for the first time we have an installation in our space that involves even the floor.

Also the installation is a metaphor for all the art pieces which are “hidden” by the painted walls on the streets. This makes the exhibition concept very complete.

What’s your favorite artwork from the show? Why?

Tania: Obviously I have more than one favorite art works. For example, “Origin” as well as “Ego Trip” show how skilled Gris1 is in this artworks. How he combines different styles to spray. Also his graphic view allows him to put together different pieces, which result as a very harmonic painting.

Furthermore I totally love the three smiles concept. Although the smile is a very common known theme, he interprets it in his own way. So he shows us also how happy and colorful his art is and how light and bright graffiti can be!

“Interview” opened Thursday, April 28, 2016 and will run through May 28.

To find out more about available works contact:

Kolly Gallery
Seefeldstrasse 56
8008 Zürich, Switzerland
+41 79 301 11 37

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