Tilt, "Offshore" Solo Show at Kolly Gallery Zurich

French graffiti artist TILT, known for his fat and bubble styled letters will be having a show at Kolly Gallery titled “Offshore”. TILT is an astonishing figure in the graffiti scene where he has spent his entire life tagging the streets. This show will be somewhat special because it will (probably) be the last time that we will ever see his bubble letters.

If you ask: “what’s next for TILT?” You’re in for a treat as we have this mini interview where you can find the answer to that question below. Go ahead. Read on.

Interview by Mark Changco.
Art by TILT.

Dollars and a Song, 2014

Tell us about OFFSHORE. What is it about?

Julien Kolly and I decided last year to have the last show of my work made of bubble letters ‘cause I decided to go to another direction that is less figurative and closer to what I want now. I want it to be radical and in a way, non-aesthetic — that is witnessing real and pure basic graffiti.

We thought that it could be interesting to produce those last pieces than can be influenced by the location of the gallery and not by my own world and culture. I already made some pieces close to the theme of money or made of bills for a show we had in Lausanne and I wanted to keep on working that way. My work always talks about “point-of-view” and what’s the first impression when you see the artwork. In that case, people are looking at pieces made of money or those that talks about their own interpretation.

I wanted to have a title that talks about money and travels but also has a little dark side in it.

Article 47, 2017

In a piece titled, “Artikle”, where you used the flag of Switzerland as the background for your work. Can you tell us what you wrote in there and what it’s about?

Every time I do a piece with the flag of a country I want to tell a story that can be considered as anti-patriotic or at least subversive. In the Swiss flag, I wrote the sentences of the Article 47. It is about the secret that bankers should respect no matter the origin of the money their clients are bringing to them.

I’ve also seen a couple of your works using the US dollar. Why did you choose an American currency?

If you talk about money, you need to work with ‘THE’ iconic one.

“Offshore” will open on June 1, 2017 and will continue to run until June 10, 2017. For more information about the works, email: tania@kollygallery.com

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