Supakitch, "On My Wave Home" at Kolly Gallery Zurich Preview

Interview by Mark Changco.
Words provided by Kolly Gallery.
Art by SupaKitch.

“I moved by the ocean last year.“ ⎯ SupaKitch, 2017

A personal journey translated to a language of mystical and spiritual symbolism opens up SupaKitch’s artistic ocean. The exhibition On My Wave Home marks an important milestone in his career as well as a great progress in alternative working materials.

I have the opportunity to grab his attention for a bit and ask a few questions about his latest show.

Overseas (detail)

Tell us about your show, “On my wave home”.

SupaKitch: It’s obviously a play on words. It is about the fact that I moved by the ocean this time last year, while I was working on my new work for this show. It’s also a question of maturity in my work, like I always had it inside me, but it’s coming out right now. I guess, it’s a question of balance, I need to paint, tattoo, surf and travel to feel that wisdom in me and feel as good as home.

Do you have a favorite piece in the show?

SupaKitch: Actually I am proud of the development in all the pieces of the exhibition. They show a new attempt with materiality. For example, “Secret Spot” stands out because it really shows the effect of depth through the layers of resin.

The Black Gold of the Sun

More information about the show: The formal imagery is composed by floral and herbal filigree patterns reminding traditional Chinese paintings or Japanese woodblock prints (“Kacho-e“). Adding abstracted forms of power animals, originated from the ancient shamanic traditions, the visitor is lead to a mystical and visionary dream of a nonexistent world. Sticking to the roots of Graffiti SupaKitch’s works contain calligraphic elements resembling encoded Egyptian Hieroglyphs or secret Runic writings. Both, visual vocabulary and calligraphic features, are very precise and delicate yet vigorous. New working materials come along with the recent exhibition. Layers of fiberglass cloth, polyester resin with pigments and acrylic paint topped by golden flakes are components of the innovative canvases. The result is a multiple layered depth adding a wet and marbled surface, that makes the paintings appear as they were still floating under water. SupaKitch’s artworks captivate its viewer with a penetrating and hypnotic force. The exhibition witnesses a mature, self-contained and grounded artistic development. Living by the ocean does not only indicate a location. From SupaKitch’s perspective it means moreover a harmonic and balanced lifestyle including; painting, tattooing, surfing and traveling.

“On My Wave Home” will be opening January 19, 2017 at 6PM and will run until February 18. For more information about the show, email:

Also, stay tuned for our pending personal interview with SupaKitch, coming soon!

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