Paul Riedmüller, "perk_uploading" Solo Show at Improper Walls Vienna

Paul Riedmüller, a young artist from Austria, will be having his inaugural show at Improper Walls Gallery. It is teeming with what would-be a delight of the “now” culture. “Perk Uploading”, the geeky sounding title of the show, is the artist’s take on experimentation; utilizing the gallery space to create a body of work out of spontaneity. Just recently, he has given us fragments and a glimpse of what he’s been cooking at the Gallery—a generous enthusing of unhurried visual well-assembled work—something that I recommend you to take time and visit—that’s if you’re in Vienna.

If you’re like us, stuck in Los Angeles, we have prepared a short Q&A with with images provided by Paul Riedmüller about the show.

Interview by Mark Changco.
Art by Paul Riedmüller.

Car Burn

According to Improper Walls, you are, “building up a show with the intention to “perk it up” ”. Please tell us more about it. How do you perkingly approach this show and what is the process like?

The idea is to use the gallery as a studio for one week before the opening! So, I also invited friends to paint together and make music and so on. Literally perking it up, let the gallery come alive.

I will paint on the walls and install my existing paintings in the room as a whole installation of my previous year and my idea of “perk_up!“

I will paint on the walls and install my existing paintings in the room as a whole installation of my previous year and my idea of “perk_up!“

Do you think there is a problem of depression or something you see lacks cheerfulness that needs to be addressed?

I am just about to accept that I do not have a style to follow. I was always interested in creating all kinds of stuff but especially in painting there are so many possibilities you find out while experimenting. I want the chance to start over and over again in every new painting I do. So I had my struggles finding my authentic me. And this show gives me the opportunity to get on.

For some of us who can’t make it to your show. Give us a picture of your exhibition. What do you associate it with?

I would associate my exhibition with an explosion of images I am surrounded by. Including games, illusion, comic, random internet, street art and so on.

Is there a specific piece that you are extremely excited to show to people? Why?

A lot happened last year. And it’s my first solo show in Vienna. So, there are a couple of paintings that I am excited to show and see the reactions of people. Last year, I was living in the Netherlands. It was the first time for me to live somewhere else alone so I had time to focus on painting and think about what my interests are. But as I mentioned it is also about the arrangement of all the paintings in the Room that I am interested in, so I think, you will definitely have to come and see it in in-person. 😉

What should we expect different from this show that you haven’t done before?

Everything! 😛

“perk_uploading” will have an opening reception on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 6PM. And the show will run ’til the 12th of April.

To find out more about available works contact:

Improper Walls
Reindorfgasse 42,
1150, Vienna

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