Buff Monster, "Something Wicked This Way Comes" Solo Show at StolenSpace Gallery London

Buff Monster opened a show last night at StolenSpace Gallery in London, “Something Melty This Way Comes”. Check out our mini Q&A where he described the new artworks he hanged in the gallery and of course, some goodies that were only available at the show.

Interview by Mark Changco.
Photos provided by StolenSpace Gallery.

In your show statement, you mentioned that you will be taking over the gallery space by including a pop-up shop and described it as ‘hybrid’. What should they expect from this show? Can you tell us what your inspiration was? In what way will it be hybrid?

Well, I quite like making small-edition collectibles, and StolenSpace Gallery has a small shop area in the front gallery, so it made sense to take over that shop with a variety of Stay Melty items. Apart from that, I made a bunch of small original paintings. The painting on wood panels tell different parts of a big story, which matches the huge mural I just painted in Bristol for Upfest.

I noticed that you like to throw in small ‘goodies’ or ‘collectibles’ in this show: patch, pins, and toys. It sounds fun and you made it seem like you are giving your fans something affordable, hopefully, they can purchase. What’s so special in these goodies?

We have some new goodies for folks including some brand new patches, the Spanish version of the The Melty Misfits trading cards (“Heladitos”) and the new Melty Manifesto book. We have new stickers packs and a brand new t-shirt as well!

I’d like to talk about the artworks for the show. Can you tell us more of the flattened spray cans? You mentioned that you started to make those back in 2001, revisited them in 2006. Why do you like to keep making them?

I don’t often paint on flattened spray cans, but I’ve been doing it since 2001. These new ones are super colorful, featuring really smooth fine lines, and framed super nice. I always like working on them because the juxtaposition of bright colors and crisp lines against the warped smashed cans is something that has interested me for a very long time. These are definitely the most colorful and most refined ones that I’ve made.

What will be your favorite piece? Why?

There are some pieces that I know will be crowd favorites, but my favorite is probably a very dark piece on wood. It portrays a very dramatic scene, is painted in black and white and shades of gray, and features a scary floating mass of eyes and super sharp teeth.

“StolenSpace Gallery” will have an opened on Friday, August 4, 2017. And will continue running ’til the 20th of August.

To find out more about available works contact: lauren@stolenspace.com

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