Crystal Wagner, "Bioforms and Blooms" Solo Show at StolenSpace Gallery London Interview

Crystal Wagner is probably one of the most exciting artists alive today. Her artworks are bold explorations of textures, colors and forms. Her experimentation with materials and spontaneous approach in her process results in vibrant visuals that communicate with the audience on a primal level. I recently had the chance to talk to Wagner about her upcoming show in StolenSpace Gallery entitled “Bioforms and Blooms”. Here’s a little preview.

Interview by Crist Espiritu.
Art by Crystal Wagner.

Let’s talk about your upcoming show “Bioforms and Blooms”. What’s the story behind the title? How did you come up with the concept behind this show?

I am interested in human beings and their relationship with the natural world. In so many ways as people become more and more immersed in their modern landscapes and technologies; the natural forms and structures that can be found in nature are becoming foreign to them, making the idea of exotic ever more expansive. Bioforms and Blooms are exactly that; exotic forms that investigate the increasingly alien and otherworldly sculptural and visual language of the natural world. As hybrids, the pieces explore the biological realm that is blooming just beyond our shrinking periphery.

Your works seem like they are composed spontaneously…like there’s automatism involved. Can you share with us your process? How do you come up with these compositions?

Absolutely. I work intuitively. Intuition has to be active though. It’s important to participate and feed it. It’s such a representation of the way I see and the way I think. I am an active explorer of this crazy world and I tend to pay attention to the visual details that surround us. I focus on the way leaves connect to their stems… okay, maybe focus isn’t strong enough of a word.. I’m obsessive about it. I look at everything! I love the way water gathers in a crack in the sidewalk and creates a dark crease and a fading gradient, on piles, on string, anything scattered, anything textural. This helps me when I get into the studio and start to work. I think about rhizomes, growth patterns, branches, insects, cells, and I start working and I let the work evolve and grow.

How important is experimenting with different combinations of material for you?

I thrive off of experimentation. I have a background in both sculpture and printmaking, and try not to limit my art making practice to any particular mode of making. I always want to be able to grow and evolve and that means letting new materials in, testing them. In the pieces in Bioforms and Blooms there are multiple materials and mediums involved. I do whatever it takes to make the work and then if there is an opportunity to investigate the relationship between manmade materials and natural structures, I will follow that thread. Particularly because I can’t help but to feel the ever present consumer culture that bombards me daily. It only makes sense that anything is a potential material to be used or manipulated. I’m an advocate of the jump. The jump is when you have a sense about something and instead of just thinking about doing it, you follow your gut and jump. In the smaller blooms, I experimented with introducing a small mesh plastic netting. This is a common gardening material but changes when taken out of context.

“Bioforms and Blooms” will have an opening reception on Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 6-9PM. And the show will run from the 26th of February.

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