I met David Foox through a friend of mine who is also my partner in DOZE. He said David Foox bought one of our shirts. I chatted with him and he said he really liked our designs. Needless to say I was really hyped that someone as big as David digs our stuff. We asked him for an interview and being the super cool guy that he is, he agreed. Here’s the interview boys and girls. Enjoy!

Hello David! Give us a little introduction about yourself. When and where did you start doing art? Are you self taught or did you go to art school? Did you always know that you’re gonna do art professionally?

My name is David Foox. For as long as I can remember I have been painting or drawing, but only in the last 5 years has this become a professional career and full time passion. I am self taught, I am happy to have “discovered” my desire to create through experience. Painting is thought into action, which is the best way to describe my art career.

Who are your influences?

My inspiration is driven purely by the objective or subjective (I cannot decide hehe) nature of truth and justice.


When did your art start getting recognition?

“Recognition” as you mention in your interview question, is not something that just happens as a bright line. “This day I am not recognized and then the day after I am recognized.” No. It is like a rolling ooze of molasses. It starts to flow and then you just have to keep making the art. As your artistic creations grow so they will naturally find their own stories and universes to inhabit and they are part of the greater consciousness. At that point you are “recognized”.

I visited your site Foox-u.com, cool site by the way, and I’ve noticed you had a lot of works that has the paper bills (money) theme… is this symbolic of something? Why did you choose to use money as recurring theme for that series?

MONEY. What is that word anyway? Suddenly you as the artist find yourself trading your creations of beauty for “money”. It got me curious. What is money? And after being asked to create a series of money for COMPLEX Magazine’s article “The Future of American Currency”, I realized that money is actually another form of energy. It is a replicator – in the sense that more money allows you to replicate your actions or amplify them but mostly it is a form of electric energy that allows things to keep moving right along. With this new idea of money in my head I started looking at the value of “money”. And this thing called “Inflation” popped up. I decided to create artwork based upon “money” so that I can create a fictitious currency that GAINS IN VALUE rather than loses value over time like all “money”. I suppose it is an exercise in energy exchange.

I’ve also noticed that you dabble in several other disciplines besides painting, namely, sculpture (designer toys?) and print. Do you have a favorite medium to work on?

I enjoy playing with a whole lot of mediums not just paint and plastic. My most recent journeys are in animation and “performance art”. I like this medium too!

What gets you going… what gets you hype to do art?

I am most empowered by the notion that we have just a few minutes of life in this body we are given. Approximately 28,500 days we each get to experience from birth to death. While I am hopeful that one day medicine and science and philosophy will find an answer to “death” and we shall “live forever”. Alas now that is not the case, and my motivation to create expressionistic pieces of beauty is paramount to my very existence. In short, the time is now. Always.


This may sound a bit cheesy but I always ask this whenever I meet other artists: What do you think is an artist’s role in the global community? (I ask this because I get very interesting answers every time…haha)

Allan Moore states it most succinctly “It is the artist’s job to give the community what they need not what they want”. The role of the artist is much like a shaman, to guide and help and heal and expose and punctuate and feel and emote and above all LOVE. (At least it is THIS artist’s role in HIS community).


Where do you think art is headed?

The future of art is either DEAD or we can expect an absolute revolution in medium, message, content, exploration, and perhaps even perspective. I would suspect the latter because aspects of our very reality are changing so rapidly. As we become digital content the nature of human expression will shift and “art” will lead that journey.

What’s next for David Foox? Tell us a bit about your plans for future projects.

You know I have dabbled in moving pictures for some time now, constantly skirting this area cautiously and optimistically. Perhaps 2012 is the time for that to come alive. I suppose it is the love of adventure and experience that drives me now. I  have also been painting beautiful Egyptian symbolism over Saddam’s Money.

To find out more about David Foox, click here.

by Crist Espiritu

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