2501 is one of the most prolific artists DOZE has ever encountered. From international mural campaigns to massive gallery exhibitions, 2501 consistently produces great works of art and shows no sign of slowing down. He is a creative force on overdrive fuelled by everything he experiences and more. He works like a machine that processes every stimulus in nature and somehow translates them into inspiration for his creations. 2501’s artistic output is matched only by his enthusiasm for pushing forward his visuals to new boundaries. The range of styles and concepts he has utilized in his art through the years is quite extensive. While other artists are too concerned being identified with a certain painting style causing redundancy in their works, 2501 consistently evolves.

A personal favourite amongst the array of styles the artist has used is the one he applied in his most recent mural series. In this distinctive style, 2501 utilized solid black and white wavy lines to render forms that overlap the line between figurative and abstract. Situated in the street setting, the artworks become ambiguous masses of monochrome vibrating on the walls of the concrete jungle. The wall pieces effectively capture the imagination of the pedestrians giving them a sort of introspective break from the otherwise monotonous visuals of the city life.

Another interesting approach is seen in one of 2501’s painting series called “Vajrapani”. Here, the artist utilized a sort of expressionist approach in rendering what, for me, are best described a random whimsical thoughts verging on the disturbing. Images of women in erotic positions, overloaded bicycles and severed body parts occupy pristine white backgrounds; bleeding all over the empty space through the artist’s masterfully executed wash effect. Although how I choose to describe these works may imply pure horridness, I assure you that it is easy to gain appreciation and even find beauty in them. The adept use of confident expressionistic strokes and monochromatic color scheme makes the series visually appealing.

2501 is an artist who will continue to produce progressive visuals because he is the type of artist who’s not bounded by styles or concepts. His art is instinctive. He does whatever he wants and this attitude provides him a lot of freedom for experimentation and development. In a recent interview, I asked him how important progress is to art. He replied, “Progress is everything. Art is research and the research can’t stop. Art is always in motion.” This just makes it obvious that 2501 will never stop making art that pushes even his own boundaries. This just shows that we will see more amazing works from this artist.

This just shows that 2501 is perpetually pushing forward.