To be able to comprehend Moneyless is not just to understand the concepts behind his art, but to understand his evolution. He’s been a graffiti writer (street artist) since he was 13, and has never stopped evolving since the first time he wrote his street name on a wall. Always trying to do more with less, he developed an instinct to reduce things into their rawest form. Throughout his graffiti years he has experimented with the letters gradually simplifying their form at first and then finally rejecting them for basic lines and geometrical patterns. With this sophisticatedly basic approach he has showcased his works in various galleries and walls all over the world.

Continuing on this path of deconstruction he started using yarns instead of paint and experimenting on new settings like forests and open fields of greens as a direct contradiction to street art’s usual urban setting. His yarn installations are simple and complex at the same time, familiar yet alien. These qualities are what make his works stand out from the usual street art pieces. The simplicity of the material and the patterns triggers complex associations from within the audience due to his subversion of the familiar spaces by putting something alien in it.

Artists who have undergone so much change to better their art are rare and deserve so much respect. This, in my opinion, shows guts, humility, control and a sense of responsibility towards the elusive title of being an “artist”.

Moneyless is a force in constant evolution. Moneyless is kinetic… always on the move towards new territories both physical and conceptual.

Moneyless is perpetually pushing forward.