Meet Monique Poirier. 22 years old. Lives in Los Angeles, California.

Bryan Alano and I went out for a photo shoot the other day with Monique Poirier at her lovely pad in Hollywood. We had a chance to do a little interview about her passion and how she is “Perpetually Pushing Forward.” Click the link to see the entire photos.

Monique has been living in Hollywood with her cat named nuttet (pronounced /nutət/ which means “cute” in danish) for almost a year now.  She went out there not solely for acting and modeling but also to pursue other artistically relevant endeavors. She said she would like to try her hands on spinning music and photography.

She just recently quit her “corporate slave” job because she did not want to compromise her happiness and artistic integrity for rent money. Monique said, “I’d rather pursue what I enjoy and put all my energy towards it.”

She’s more into acting than modeling. In acting, she can utilize her creative energy more and casting is not solely based upon looks. Monique was recently casted in an independent film called “Albert and the Homeless Girl”.

A huge fan of The Smiths and Belle and Sebastian. She finds their lyric melancholic… awkward… giving an introspective point-of-view to a lonely person but with upbeat melodies. She finds Morissey’s lyrics beautiful and eloquently written.

When asked about her thoughts about DOZE, she points out that it is interesting to take the underdog of artists and bring them up, and give them exposure for people to see fresh art. “Being around with driven people who are creative and having a vision working together to make something interesting and artistic is a magical way to live your life… I couldn’t imagine life any other way.” The LA art scene is explosive… something you couldn’t see on the daily surface of the city… but once you get to know people and go to art shows and finding where everything is at, then realization comes that there are so much artists, indie bands and designers that just need to be recognized. She described graffiti as cultural in such a way that it represents a vast majority of lives of people where they live. She thinks that today’s recession has caused people to live their lives creatively instead of being beat down.

What keeps her going… her inspiration… is the Joy that she gets out of doing what she loves to do.

Monique Poirier is perpetually pushing forward.

by Don Fester

Photos by Bryan Alano

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by Don Fester

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