This dude’s name is Duke. He is from Bagasbas Beach, Philippines. Already in his early teens, I’m guessing around 15. He started surfing when he was just a little boy. Doesn’t have a proper sponsor, this kid rips on a surfboard. Technical but also has that solid style. Nowadays, he’s more active sa Downhill Longboarding. Just last week he won a downhill race.

And this is Lilay, a girl surfer who is also from Bagasbas beach. I think she’s only 12 years old and she won a national women’s surf competition last year. She is not sponsored, and sadly doesn’t own a surfboard. She only borrows surfboards from others. The board she used when she won that surf comp was a borrowed board and that board has been snapped in half already and they just repaired it.

Story and Photo by Maui Hidalgo.

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