Centina is an Italian artist who have been hitting walls all over with eerie distorted portraits.

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Jaybo Monk, “See You Later” Show at Galleri Benoni Copenhagen

Tonight opens Jaybo Monk's show titled "See You Later" and we get the chance to take a sneak peak. Read here.

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MIST, “Ascendant Cloud” Show at Kolly Gallery Zurich

Take a peek at MIST's show at Kolly Gallery last week and learn what the show was about. Read here.

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Scott Listfield’s art has been making rounds all over the internet lately. His solitary astronaut exploring eerie desolate landscapes seems…

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“Assemblage” Group Show at Stolenspace Gallery London Preview

Stolenspace Gallery will be having it's last show for the year, and boy it's a good one. Check out the preview here.

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MadC, “Kaleidoscope” Show at Kolly Gallery Zurich Preview

Kolly Gallery reveals a new series of artworks from MadC that shows the possibilities of an art form from a complete different perspective…

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Remed, “Plenium” Solo Show at David Bloch Gallery Marrakech

Remed's Plenium, a solo show at David Bloch Gallery gave it's last hoorah as it bids farewell for 2016.

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Supakitch, “On My Wave Home” at Kolly Gallery Zurich Preview

SupaKitch's latest show in Zurich showcasing inspiration from his travels and the ocean.

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Glitch Glitch in Bangkok, Thailand Midnice Gallery Wall Art No. 2

DOZE Collective's Crist Espiritu and visual artist Angge Lorente, collectively known as Glitch Glitch, recently visited Bangkok, Thailand…

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Peter Phobia, “No Cigarettes, No Sleep” Solo Show at Gallery Hilger NEXT / Project Room Preview

We had an opportunity to distract Peter from getting ready for the show and asked him a few questions to get his viewpoint about his show.…

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Crystal Wagner, “Bioforms and Blooms” Solo Show at StolenSpace Gallery London Interview

I recently had the chance to talk to Wagner about her upcoming show in StolenSpace Gallery entitled “Bioforms and Blooms”. Here’s a little…

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